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About the MIDI Machines category (1)
Range To One Note (1)
Length Filter ( postpones note untill certain length requirement is met) (9)
MIDI MPE Specification (2)
MidiMachine: MG in DAW, need process MIDI from drum machine in lua (7)
External Retrigger (1)
Bend Attack V3 ( postpone bending at note start, restrict to upward bends option ) ( 2 ) (23)
Midi BPM Sync External Devices (2)
Extract root note of chord? (5)
Access to clock/time in MIDI Machine (4)
Custom_Gate: A hard midi startgate and retrigger blocker (4)
HighLimit (block midi notes higher as the knob setting) (1)
JX 10 DRIVER V3 (custom gate/gain plus aftertouch to filter or LFO) (1)
Default MIDI Machine for developers (2)
FLIP ( flip notes round a tonecenter and transpose ) (1)