2 VSTi's in standalone mode with midi machine Channel Split?

I’m using the midi machine channel split function with MG2 in my DAW, to drive two separate VSTi’s on midi channel 1 and 2, and it works great! But I can’t see anyway to load more than one VSTi in the standalone mode, so I guess that is not supported? If not, would be a great addition to the next release, as I get better latency driving the VSTi direct in standalone mode than in the DAW (about half), and less to go wrong when using live! Any other suggestions than using a DAW application to host the VSTi’s?

Livehosts like
-Gigperformer (win/mac)
-Mainstage (apple)
-Cantabile (win)
can load any number of synths.
Inside our standalone you can load synths that have multiple layers with eqch layer a midi channel like Sampletank or Kontakt.
It is maybe something for a next version to have mulitple synths loadable indeed.

Thanks Paul, good point, yes I use SampleTank inside the DAW and split the channels so should be able to do the same standalone. Thanks for the pointers, I’ll check out the livehosts.

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