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3rd party VST parameter values are lost next time a preset is called


I just installed Midi Guitar 2 on a PC with Windows 7, created a couple of presets and for each present I have assigned different VSTs for guitar or midi virtual instruments. However even if I click save to the presents the values of parameters inside the VSTs are lost and next time the Midi Guitar 2 preset is loaded again it uses the default parameters instead. I am using the stand alone application and a midi controller sending program change commands, I need to get this to work for live performance.

Any suggestions?


Ups, I was further researching this and found the problem was caused by the plugin itself, it is a Mercurial vst running in demo mode and one its limitation is you cannot save the state of the plugin. I tried with free ones like Vox Continental organ emulator and the free amplitube and both save and get their settings properly when calling the preset using a midi program change command. Sorry for my confusion.


no problem, MG is just a simple livehost, but indeed the param saving does work :wink: