A little bit of MG in here, using electric viola as input

This doesn’t count as a MG demo, but I used it for some sounds. I was in a hurry to finish the project before deadline, so there’s a lot that could be better. The viola/synth sound mimics a police siren, and is barely audible for some fills.
(I’m making a promise to myself to do a video demo of my rig.)
I bet some of you guys also entered this contest.

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oh yeah!z8GelNmWNuGvPHBICP76dN.jpeg)
Maybe ask Paul if you can use this one???

Who knows what this is???
They also have free demos for modifying and controlling sounds like any good Vocoder Software should.
Unfortunately or not it can also run as a stand alone but needs at least two inputs.
Good for post recording.