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A little problem with the new Audacity in older Os's like Windows 7

A little problem with the new Audacity in older Os’s like Windows 7.

In XP Audacity works great but since someone played with the new version the latency in Win7 went way up.

I use Win 10 for MG2 etc.

So I had to figure out how to make it work the same again because I like it for quick and fast reference audio recordings.

Since I am not allowed to upload a screen shot I will try to explain.

In the new Audacity that works in Win7 - Win10:
(MME driver)
Buffer = 125 ms
Latency Correction = 147 ms

You may need to change one or both of the millisecond settings for Buffer/Latency depending on your computer CPU etc. I had to experiment until it worked again.

You could record the click and then a track but it’s difficult to compare because the click could be exactly off so just play one odd thing and record it again to compare.

Audacity was able to automatically make the best of of the latency correction in the earlier versions but I guess someone forgot how to do that part.

Also, you will need more input level to pin the meters:)

I did a typo:
Buffer=125 ms
Latency Correction= -147 ms (YES MINUS 147)