A problem that needs a fix

hello JamO,

i have noticed that when in monophonic mode, every note off is received as another note that is sent to my synth.
is there a reason for that?
otherwise i’d say this should be fixed in the next patch.

Every note consist of a MIDI NOTE ON message and later a MIDI NOTE OFF message.
Are you saying that some NOTE OFFs are receive as NOTE ONs by some synth? Which synth?

Yes exactly.
I am using omnisphere, and I also noticed the same with the Stradivari violin Kontakt library.
When I stop the note by dampening the string with right hand, it dies off instantly. But when I release the finger of my left hand that’s holding down on the fret, another note of the same pitch gets triggered. only happens in monophonic mode.

i just checked in the midi monitor, it does not happen everytime, but quite often. MG2 registers up to 5 note on/offs when i release my finger. i thought it might be picking up harmonics so i put a piece of cloth around the neck behind my left hand, but it did not make a difference.