Ample Sound plug ins

Has anybody ever experiment with MIDI Guitar 2, one of the plug ins made by Ample Sound? I would be interested in buying Ample Sound AGSJ, the Gibson SuperJumbo. It sounds amazing. I use Cubase Pro 10 on Windows 10.

Ample sound guitar plugins are the rare occasion of plugins not working in our standalone.
ofcourse they’ll work when loaded in DAW or live host (Mainstage / Gigperformer)
Generally we dont recommmend using sampled guitarsounds, at least for live. It feels unnatural: your brain will expect to play the guitar directly on a guitar, and that will not be the case. Those guitar sample are made for being played by a keyboard, having lots of extra detail on the start of each note, making them slow.

I use the Ample Sound to mix with my regular guitar sound. It can add some color and depth while still having the nuances coming from the regular guitar. But agreed that I wouldn’t use it as my soul guitar sound.