Is there a version of this software for android? Thank You

No. Android still isn’t good enough in processing low latency audio.

other virtual amps i.e. deplike work fine on android. I would love to see a version of midi to guitar on Android.

Yes, but you can include in MG2 a Deep fx + virtual amp + synth + 4 fx + possibly a cabinet and a reverb.
I do not know about Android, but in Windows my CPU usage for a single virtual amp is multiplied by 6 for MG2 when using the possibilities offered.

You also need to think about RAM allocation and storage capacity.
Some instruments in MG2 easily use 1 or 2 GB of RAM and over a hundred GB for their libraries.

Sure PC are more powerful. However tablets and phones are catching up. There are a few like rockchip that have 8 core 2.1ghz CPUs.

Even if there’s a limit to the effects chain midi to guitar 2 is far superior to any virtual amp I’ve used with my guitar. I’d pay for a trimmed down version. All I really use are the instruments, a couple of effects and the tuner.

P.s. isn’t. there an IPhone version?

Have a look here

Yes I thought so.

My point - If it can be developed for the IPhone then Android should be way easier.

I guess I can hope it happens one day.

I’m thinking of the benefits not using a phone but an Android box. I have several high end ones and use them as mini computers, and not only for watching videos.

No, audio latency makes Android horrible for developers and most pro audio use:
Please see: