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Another sustain question

Hi all. I bought an USB adapter—the FS2M from Beat Bars—to be able to use a Yamaha sustain pedal I have with MG2. I’m using Logic, and it works with the virtual instruments that allows it. But when I try to have the SUSTAIN MIDI MACHINE in MG2 work—which is set to CC64—nothing happens in all its 3 different modes. It doesn’t move.

I tried everything I could think of to have it respond, but no go. So if anyone is using Logic and has a sustain pedal working in MG2, I would greatly appreciate any support. Thanks.

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Logic only supports midi->fx via sidechaining, the last time I tried it worked miserable with MG. It is a downside of Logic.


One of many for me. I now use Reaper on Mac.

The problem was that I was trying to use an old sustain pedal, since I bought a new one—an M-Audio SP2—and it works everywhere now.

Thanks anyway for the input, guys.

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