Any improvements for the polyphonic tracking core for the next update?

Hello guys,
I noticed that it has been a loong while since the last update to the 2.2.1 for the desktop version.
I’m wondering if is it going to be soon a new software update (perhaps 3.0?) or not…is it?

in particular I’d like to know if the tracking core will be able to recognize several minor/major 2nds in the chords … I tried the 2.0.18 trial version some years ago and the tracking capabilities weren’t quite there…has the 2.2.1 version improved the polyphonic tracking core in such a manner?


I think 2.0.18 and 2.2.1 are quite similar, but not identical, in terms of tracking.

As for the future and a potential version 3.0 and tracking updates, MIDI Violin and MIDI Bass are first in line. There are still some parts that needs to fall into place. I’ll publish more information and some kind of roadmap as soon as I know how it will all line up.

so, at the moment it’s not able to recognize minor/major 2nds intervals in the chords

I would use midi guitar 2 to trig external vst instruments in my DAW, so I’m looking for an update for the tracking core

Are the developers actively working on the update? will it ever come out? :smiley: