Anyone ever tried the Melda MVintage Rotary(leslie effect) by MeldaProductions?

Anyone ever tried the Melda MVintage Rotary (lesie simulator) by MeldaProductions?
It works fine in MG2 but I’m trying to get one of my FCB1010 CC1 foot controller pedal to switch the fast/slow speed in Mvintage Rotary.
There’s some midi learn stuff in the MVintage but I can’t get it to learn the pedal control.
I got the midi pedal to control an organ vst with a leslie speed switch previously so it should work for the new rotary vst.

inside MG standalone, midi is not fed into audio fx. So a midi learn will not work there.
Dedicated hosts like Gigperformer allow midi to to be send to plugins (plugin listens to CD itself) AND allow for midi parameter automation (host binds knob to a midi CC)

So I should be able to use the Mvintage rotary as a midi instrument effect with a CC controller but not an audio/guitar effect with a CC controller.
I just thought the vst effect was midi controllable no matter what.
Too bad.
I wonder if that would ever be possible with MG2 stand alone?

only the loaded synths themselves receive CC’s (and midi notes)
the fx wont receive midi, be it in synth, guitar or master section.