Anyone know why my MG2 went to trial version?

I was exploring along with the Telecaster sounding like a sweet sort of pipe organ that has pitch bending when everything quit. Seems I was at trial version now. And the version being offered seemed to be something special for DAW or limited to or? (I am shamed to say I also cannot find the license number that I carefully saved somewhere on this machine. Will request a new one.) I have been trained to not blame the computer when something that I don’t like happens. Probably something stupid I did instead. So any ideas what I did so I (and maybe someone else here) do not do it again?

It is difficult to help you without knowing the characteristics of your hardware and the versions used (Mac, Windows, iOS, which OS version, Midi Guitar version).
Can you specify that?

I just reached out to you via the support email.

Just a few words to anybody who is here checking things out; I am very pleased and impressed by how quickly I got responses and that they worked; so I will very soon be using MIDI Guitar full features. Thanks.