Anyone tried this virtual whammy bar with MG2?

Is this for use with MG2?
If so, how do you plan to use it?
The price is awfully high (hold/blend footswitch not even included) and most of the functionality can be achieved with a few plugins and cheap controllers, unless you need specific function.

Well, is there a device that I could use for pitch bends with my right hand while playing?
I’m thinking more about the future, so the idea was if MG3 supports extended range guitars, I could use something like that clip on whammy bar because a lot of 8 and more string guitars don’t come with a whammy bar.

Do you mean audio or midi pitch bend or both ?

Well, the only thing I could find is the one I linked, I didn’t find any external midi pitch bend device that I could use as replacement for the wahmmy