Apple Silicon / ARM


Apple are expected to launch their first ARM powered Macbooks tomorrow and I wondered whether MIDI Guitar 2 will work off the bat with those new machines? I believe there will initially be an emulation layer provided to allow software designed for existing CPUs to work (with potential performance implications), but will MIDI Guitar 2 also be retooled so as to work natively?


Yes, exciting times :slight_smile:

We’ve been using a Apple Silicon Mac (development transition kit) for the last few months to prepare. In fact the latest iOS updates are built on this new machine.

We are doing all we can to prepare, but frankly speaking I’m still afraid of the chaos in the transition period. There are various challenges which are still unknown, and Apple provide next to no documentation.

The current MG AudioUnit runs on this Silicon machine, but we have seen (for example in iOS14.2) that suddenly and without notice, Apple break things so in any case we will will surely bring out an ARM native update for new Mac users.

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Interesting report, how do you feel those new cpus will compare to the actual Intel/AMD chips?
General consensus seems to be that will be a step back in performance.
Anyway companys doing IOS have a great path that they have already walked, but the vast majority of companies that only manufacture for win / macos machines will have to start almost from scratch, I am afraid that it will not be an easy or fast transition.