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Applying License Problem

Just purchased a license and I see the license document in my browser’s download application folder on my Mac. I left click it and I get this message: “There is no application set to open the document, etc.” I right click it and the only option I get is to open with TextEdit. I choose that option and what I see a JamOrigin document but all it is is a bunch of foreign-to-me entries , , etc., Nothing there that looks like or says a license key. There is one very long (underscored in red) string characters (at least a hundred characters long) that says , but surely that’s not it is it? I did try to copy and paste that, but no luck. I’ve wasted way too much time on this. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks

The license is not clickable.
-When not allready done: Download the app from jamorigin.com/download and install it.
-Run the standalone MIDI Guitar 2 app.
-choose any other patch than “test piano”, an interuption screen will come soon.
-choose “apply license” in the interuption screen.
-point to the “< yournamehere >.license” file.

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I try dlding the link as a file and it doesn’t dld as username.license unless I rename and save it as default instead of as an html file
but regardless the resulting file isnt recognised when I try applying it as per your instructions. it says error instead

You need to download the license file that is linked in your order confirmation email to your documents on your computer. You should not run the license file. Just save it somewhere.
Depending on email client you can right click the link and “save as…” or “save target as…”. If the email client have no way of downloading the file, copy the link and paste it in your browsers address bar. Look in your Downloads folder.

Once you have the license file somewhere safe, just run MG and follow instructions as mentioned above.

It didn’t dld as username.license when dld from gmail.com and the mg rejected it as standalone. I was reading your website and it said that the license key was only valid for a week if it wasn’t used before then. I might need a new license key , hopefully one with the dot license key. PS I’ve also sent an email with the url license number to confirm but it’s probably the only Daniel Cartes on file.
Beforehand thanks

WHEN I open it in a browser it doesn’t dld a file but says not valid

I reached out to you on email.

Either Moncayo or daniel.cartes on gmail
Thank you

Hi I am having the same problem , my Mac does not have the correct software to read the downloaded license file…please help

Ill just reach out to you on email.
Out of curiosity - what kind of email client do you use?

I am having the same problem. pleas help with license application

You shouldn’t open the license file. Just save it somewhere in your documents.

Then download and run the MG 2 application (jamorigin.com/download). At some point it wants your license file and you point it to that license file in your documents.