Are there any midi control pedals that can switch between MG presets?

Are there any midi control pedals that can switch between MG stand alone presets?

If not is there any midi pedal that could be of use in the MG stand alone?

Any midipedal that sends PC (Program ChangeI will work.
A few names: Pacer, McMillen Softstep, Behringer FCB1010

Alternative solution: a standard dual footswitch with a midi USB adapter.

I use Audiofront products such as a midi expression (1 in) and midi expression quattro (4x in). It works with any 6.35 jack equipment ( damper, sustain, expression pedals, latch/unlatch footswitches…).

I just got MG2, use it on an iPhone 6S+ with an iRig Pro interface. I decided to try my Roland FC-300 foot controller with it. So Far, it is switching patches, controlling master volume with exp pedal and synth blend other exp pedal. BUT I just discovered two issues! First
MG does not retain iRig as my midi controller when I save the patch (I have to input it again each time I restart the program). SECOND and more importantly. When the FC-300 sends Patch Change, the MG shows the change, but the external AU instrument does not load! This is a huge problem. Does anyone know of a solution or is this something that needs patched?

your problems are noted.
About the PC: we will bring an update that fixes that problem soon. In my experience the AU does load along with the pathc, but the PC is forwarded to the AU, so the AU itself will load another internal preset.

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Thanks Paul, I’ll try to take video showing what’s going on. I hit the program change button on FC-300, I see the name change in MG, but the instrument either stays with the last patch or loads up something completely different than what was saved. If I change manually using the touch screen, no problems. It only occurs when using midi patch change. Also, using CC#22 will control master mix on a few of the factory patches, but not most (I would like it to work across all patches). I thought I had CC#7 controlling master volume, but I can’t get it to work now (tried reinstalling MG). Really hoping I can use an iPhone to replace my GR-55 (no inclination to add a laptop to my stage rig).

ok, the PC problem is the one we know and will take care of.
I’m not familiar with any of the factory patches having cc22 assigned, have to look into it.
CC7 is forwarded to the loaded synth: most synth see it as volume and react correspondingly.

Yes, CC#7 is mostly controlling the synth volume not the master. Thanks for looking into all this. When I can get around to doing a video, I’ll share a link. Try and expression pedal with #CC22 on some of the piano patches, and go to the master screen, you’ll see it controlling mix.

Line 6 has one

Behringer FCB1010

You can add BOSS GT 1000 + midi interface (Uno USB or others) + iPad (+ IK multimedia iRig HD2) or LAP TOP.
It works perfectly: program changes, sustain pedal, transpose, volume…