Assign midi control to parameters in the standalone app

Hi everyone.
I’ve been using this software for a while now, mostly with good results. I usually use it to trigger Xfer Serum, which works well, and seems to be fully customisable. I can assign pedals and buttons to the macros in the synth, which is perfect. I am trying to take it a step further and assign parameters from my effects to my midi controller (in this case its a Boss SY-300, with some expression pedals added), but it doesn’t seem to work. If I use Serum FX, the setup seems the same as the synth, but it does not recognise pedals or buttons. I ave also tried Amplitube, which also has midi learn, but again, it does not seem to recognise any midi input.
Anyone have any ideas?

MG 2 does not yet forward cc messages to the guitar section of the stand-alone app. When the next update comes up, I’ve been promised that midi cc will be one of the new features. A temporary work around would be to use MG 2 plugin in a DAW or stand alone host such as gig performer as a midi generator only and set up your pedals in an audio track.

Regards, Max

Thanks for the reply. Yes, your suggestion is something I’m highly considering. The trouble there is that that with Logic, for example I haven’t figured out how to move through different instruments with a controler. The easiest thing is to set up a session with all the tracks in order and play through that I suppose.
The other useful thing MG needs is a way to restrict the register that it responds to. Sometimes you get a high pitched squeak that it tries to respond to… Its hard to play perfectly all the time…
Any idea when the new update is coming?

Sorry for the wait for a reply, I haven’t been checking the forum often enough lately. I’m not familiar with Logic, but I had a set up in Traction 7 where I was able to daisy chain several vst effects on an audio track and through its midi learn function control different functions with my fcb1010 midi controller. I’ve also set up something similar in a freebie simple vst host called pedalboard2 which also accepts MG 2 vst. Both solutions can sometimes be a bit awkward though for live play. I would prefer using MG 2 in stand alone mode for live play with options for midi effect expression control. Now the good people at Jamorigin have confirmed that this feature will be incorporated into the next update of the desktop version but I have been patiently waiting for about 2 years since I first suggested it. At this time no timeline has been offered other than soon.:thinking:

Regards Max

I have actually discovered Gig Performer, and grabbed the demo. It is kicking my ass. So easy to use, reliable, make patches in seconds, automate anything I want, reorder songs, organise without any difficulty. And all I have to do is insert MidiGuitar in the audio input, and that converts to midi instantly for me. Add to that as many plugins, automations as I desire, and I think we have a winner…Oh, and assigning midi is really simple and flexible. And it’s on sale.
Am I gushing? :smile:
Thanks for the help

@adi MG2 is firstly an audio to midi converter.
It can also be used as a basic plugin host that makes it a self-sufficient solution for playing live with few needs.
Gig Performer is a dedicated live music software system for all kind of musicians, singers, researchers.
MG2 finds there its natural and unique place as a '“translator” for guitarists particularly demanding in terms of audio technology and resources.

I myself did not wait 14 days to buy it… :wink: