Bending as recorded in midi and interpreted by synths

I have two questions, I haven’t seen answers yet.

The first is that when I bend strings, I want that bend to be smoothly pitched in a synth (vsti), whether one of the Jam Origin synths or an external synth. In keyboard synths, this is usually the pitch-bend wheel. How do I set up for smooth pitch-bending?

Question two is about converting the midi output of Jam Origin to notation. I am using Reaper DAW and can record the midi of pitch-bend as a rapid series of ascending semi-tones. Of course, if I play it back (midi-to-synth vsti) it sounds horrible. Just segregated notes, not a smooth bend.

Am I doing something wrong in my setup or is this just a limitation of the software?

Thank you.

Its depending on the synth.
Enable pitch bend in MG and set the pitch bend range that the synth expect. Sometimes you have to trial and error on the pitch bend range, but usually its 2 or 12.