Best instruments & plugins of 2019 - Thorleif Markula

Thorleif Markula’s list of best sounds of 2019: must see and hear!



Do not forget Roxsyn, a pitch tracking synth for iPad!
A kinda of app that combines midi guitar and respiro internally…

Roxsyn is a 3fold pitchshifter combined with a triggered sequencer wchih mods frequency and filter settings. it is a very nice effect for sure!
Technically speaking it is not a pitch tracker and not a synth. There are only original guitartones that are pitched, distorted and filtered.

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Thnx Paul!
Wow! That’s to the point!

One of the benefits of roxyn is that it is following my dynamics on my saxophone.
Maybe it is sending a cc2 from the amplitude of the audio signal.
Any idea how to achieve this with the help of midi guitar?
so level audio -> cc2
I can do this easily in MAX/MSP but on the iPad I didn’t found a solution…