Beta midi gtr 3

I’m using Monterey 12.7.4
My interface (Behringer X-32) is set 48khz
Midi Guitar 2 works ok
On Launching Midi Guitar 3 I get ’ This BETA version only runs with a samplerate of 44.1KHz ot 48Khz’
Ive tried re- installing but get the same problem…

It’s a Beta Limitation. Same here with another Audio Card from the same Brand.
Machine Learning is involved and to collect enough info and train the model for the applied AI something must be fixed. In this case Sample rate. When released it will be left ‘free’. This was specified in another thread but I cannot recall where.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Pasha
I had my Line 6 FIREHAWK FX connected to my mac…Although the X-32 was selected in audio preferences and not the FIREHAWK FX.
Interestingly, when I turned the FIREHAWK FX off, Midi Guitar 3 loaded perfectly…
Best wishes

I do not know that pedalboard. Does it need a driver?
Which Mac? Apple Silicon or Intel?

In any case when running MG3, you should go to the options (gear upper left) and press Audio Devices then select X32 as Audio Device. It might be that Audio Devices are listed alphabetically and that Line 6 has a different sample rate (maybe 192kHz) or has limitation because of the driver.
That could theoretically explain why when hooked off all works fine. Check the samplerate of Line 6.

The selected Audio Device in the Mac speaker icon (upper right status bar) or sound in the options (upper right status bar) doesn’t mean a thing for MG3. Every software can be setup to use whatever device you want if listed and active in a given moment.

Try set it up as explained and retry.

Good Luck!