Blown away by Midi Guitar 2 Performance

Now that I figured out how to setup MG2 in Studio One 6, I am very impressed with its performance. I am using it with a Charvel Guthrie Govan Anniversary guitar and triggering Arturia V synths. Its tracking is extremely accurate.


in terms of performance, i am completely satisfied with mg2.

the playability and responsiveness are superior to the roland sy-1000, gr-55 and fishman tripleplay. it produces fewer glitches and zero artifacts when compared to the roland products. and i can use it as i like (unlike the tripleplay where fishman has unilaterally decided that mixed latency and pick usage are non-optional. previously the tripleplay offered fixed latency and worked as well without a pick as with. can i go back to that firmware? fishman: NO.)

of the gear i’ve owned, only the roland vg-8ex delivered an equivalent experience.

the biggest plus? switching to mg2 means no more 13 pin tweaking or wax potting or fat fingers or little rubber things everywhere to dampen string noise.