Bug: Midi Out Port Changing Randomly with AU

If I add MG3 to an ableton track, every time Live is restarted MG3 is sending output on a different output port. Port numbers appear to be random. First time is MIDI GUITAR OUT (1) then if I save that session and restart it jumps to MIDI GUITAR OUT (78) for example which disables the saved configuration.

With the VST MG3 interface just says “sending to the out track” but it’s not routable/selectable in an Ableton track at all.

Thanks so much for the new version. Definitely a big improvement!


Ah I see. Thank you for reporting. Will fix this in next update tomorrow.

Edit: wait. The VST3 plug-in is directly routable in Live. You just select the audio track which MG sits on as “MIDI FROM” on a midi track track.

Understand for the VST. Thanks.

Sorry to break in, but I thought this would be a good place to get clarification. Does MG3 support VST3? What’s more does MG2 support VST3? I have read some comments that made me question this.

I’m using Cubase 13 which supports VST3 on Windows platform. . Thanks for any help.

Both, MG2 and MG3 run without problems in Cubase 13.