Can not get the bass demo to work on my Mac Mini M1

Hi I can not seem to get the sound working.
I have the imput and output set but I am not getting any sound into it.?

I am on a Mac Mini M1 and would love to try this out to maybe buy to use in GB.

I am trying the bass version right now as I do not have a guitar right now.

I am testing the beta now and I can see the sound going in it but I get nothing out so I can not hear anything.
The test output tone works but I get no sound from me playing but I can see it going in and the notes moving as I play

Any help on this I was planning on buying it but I need to know it works first.

There aren’t any M1 problems that we are aware of. Its running fine on an M1 MacBook here.

Could you be a bit more precise? In the first post you say that you dont get sound in, and in the second post you dont get sound out. Select some patches and you see the UI react to playing, but just dont get any sound out? Open the “interface” section and past a screenshot here. It sounds like an audio interface issue.

I played with it some more and got it working I had to change it to channel in 2.

Amy tips on making it track better when playing fast using a bass.

It many times adds a extra note when I lift a finger up off a string to go to another?

If I buy this will it work in Garage Band and Logic and let me play all sound samples in them? On the M1

You will find several tips on how to manage tracking and best guitar or bass playing technique in this forum as well as links to videos. This applies to both instruments and even other instruments.
Type in the search field some keywords : ghost notes, tracking and so on.

That fret crunch that sounds so good on bass when you lift a finger is a nightmare for tracking.
The closer the finger is to the fret, the shorter an less disruptive the crunch so the tracking is better.
Turn the noise gate up until you start to not trigger notes when you play, then back it off until the notes you want come back.
Use a hair scrunchy or something like a GruvGear fretwrap to mute the open strings (like Wooten when he taps)
Go to the midi machines part of the forum and download the Custom Gate. The start gate works like the noise gate but seems better. The retrigger can clean up glitches.
If you don’t need synth triggered by your bottom octave, use MIDI Guitar, the tracking is better.

Hope this helps!

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