Can't find the instruments

Where are all the samples gone in this update?
I have only just got used to using this live, but
came to practice for my Sunday Worship and no longer have all the MDA JX10 synth pads that I used. All of the advance sertings and samples have gone! A real backwards step - it’s completely ruined for me

Oh, you mean your own patches?
The new version certainly doesnt delete any patches, but maybe you deleted the app before reinstalling the new one? If you deleted the app, then your patches are deleted too, and the only way to get back your patches is if you have a backup that you can restore.

I haven’t “deleted” anything. The new version auto-updated! And guitar-rig, which I purchased for £20 (containing the JX10 & loads) shows as “purchased” when I click on shop, but none of these instruments are available to me because the “advanced” button has gone, which did contain the Rhodes option, but that’s now moved to the first level and no other options are available! It wasn’t a “patch” just a library I’d bought & cant now access. I wasn’t give any option to make a back-up!

Ah, im not sure if you are saying that you miss some of your patches or that you cant find the instruments.

JX10 and other synths are in the instruments slot. It has all the same instruments (programs) as previously. If you use external synths you need to load the MIDI Output module.
The user interface has changed, but its still the “Advanced” UI, just with more modules and options and better layout for us to make more expansions.

Ah! I apologise, I didn’t see them under instruments… I just need to get used to the new interface. So can I make complex choices & save them as a favourite?

Yes! Thats what we call a “Patch”

Great, thanks for your quick response. One last question then. If I’m making patches, I now notice that - say - for the JX10 instead of just “choosing” that sound, it now has 24 rotary controls (none of which means anything to me as as I’m a Worship Leader - guitarist, singer/songwriter who doesn’t know the first thing about synths). If I inadvertently change one of these and ruin the sound - have I ruined that sound for every time I use that synth? Or are those adjustments specific to that patch, so each time I call up the “original” JX10 I’m starting from the default position.

the synth presets are solid: you can not destroy them. You can alter them in your patch, but any time you choose a synth preset, it will give the same sound.
So yes, the adjustments are spoecific to your patch.

Brilliant, thanks, looking forward to getting to know it better.