Cant record or apply the piano test sound, all I get is a flat line

I can play guitar and get great sounds, I can apply it to a wav file, but I cant save it, or get it to record…

Is this a limitation of the trial?

Thank you,.

No, there is no such limitation in the trial. Since you use the MG plugin in a host/DAW, its the host/DAW that must record the output from MG. In case you use MG as an FX this isn’t any different from recording if the output of a compressor or reverb plugin.

If you want to record the MIDI, rather than the audio, that comes our of MG, you need to follow the instructions at for different DAWs.

thank you, its just that everytime I try tp apply the effect, its flat lines the signal, in 2 separate programs.I must be doing something wrong…if I buy the SW will I be able to get some deeper assistance, since I am having as much failure as success?