Can't Update from Demo


I bought a license, downloaded demo, and activated both MG2 and MB.

But when I click “Update” and enter email, both programs show error:

Make sure you use the same email address that you used when you purchased MIDI Bass / Guitar 2

email is correct.
I run Mac OSX 10.13.3


did you get the confirmation email with the download link for your license?

Of cause. How would I activate the products otherwise?

well, I ask because that means that your emailadress is registered correctly.
It might be just a hickup in the shop,
write us: support at, and we’ll give you a temp link to your downloads manually

Ok, thanks Paul. I’ll try sending the message to the support.

I think I found where the problem lies. It seems that my provider or government of my country blocks your download address for some reason…

I downloaded the products via link provided by support using alternative browser and now AU/VST/Standalone work!

Thanks for the quick response and assistance.

Best regards,

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