Circuit paths plural

Sorry guys, everytime I go to any talk forum, I just dont clearly see where and how to do what, so I just follow the yellow brick road. I see Create a new Topic and start typing. So, if that is not the way its done, perhaps I failed to read the suggestions when I first came on board… Anyway…

I’ve realized that my sort of being forced into Ableton because it came with Focusrite is not me. I do not have time or energy nor do I want to make music by manipulating loops and whatever. At least thats how it strikes me.
Either way, so I ditched Ableton, ( took me a fricken year to figure out how to simply get the guitar in. Now I attempting to learn Cantabilie being as it is free and even though I want Gig Performer…I cant just shell out cash for things I dont know. They have a trial, but its like 14 days and at my age and disability, it sometimes takes me months to even get to a thing…then with software it can be a major battle, so 14 days is a joke. Now those who are totally familiar probably just blaze through it. I am quite versed in computers and not dim by any means, and it still takes me forever. I think some people get it right away, because maybe their minds dont really have anything else in the way. Whatever.

So…my big question is: Is there a path map anywhere, that shows graphically the routes or paths the signal takes under different circumstances? For example: I get that the guitar > focusrite> host or daw > midi channel or port > back to focusrite I guess. However now I figured out some of the Cantabile ( canta billy) but the MG2 does not want to play piano whereas in standalone it does.
In Ableton, I go standalone > loopmidi> Ableton channel ( port I guess) and then it will play whatever vst Idrop into that midi channel.
However in Cantabilly, I have no idea. Perhaps if I could take a gander at a path map or graphic, perhaps I could figure whats going on. Anyway, has anybody drawn a picture of where the signal goes in and out. k
In the Canabilly, it just points at monitor speakers, so I ASSUME, to tell it loop back to focusrite, which does nothing. Sorry for the long drawn out thang, I just dont know what words to use. Thank you.

@1MANBAN Hello Paul,
I would not know how to do this with Cantabile, which I do not know. I can show you how to do it with Gig Performer which should be more or less the same:

In this screenshot of Gig Performer, my guitar is plugged into the input 4 of my audio interface.
The (blue) audio signal goes into MG2, then:

  1. The audio signal exits MG2’s Master Gain and go into a virtual amp, exits the amp and go into a stereo input of a mixer.
  2. The (red) Midi signal coming out of MG2 goes into a virtual synth and the audio from that synth goes into the other stereo input of the mixer.

The mixer allows you to adjust the audio level of the guitar in relation to the synth (I control the balance between the two with an expression pedal).

The output of the mixer go into a Reverb or anything else and the signal finishes into the output 1/2 of the audio interface which goes into an amp or powered speakers or headphone.

I hope this helps you to see the signal path more clearly.

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Thank you very much Herold. That was awesome. It give me a confidence as to where to focus, thereby eliminating vast amounts of head scratching.

Spent so much time trying to figure this all out as a nooby, I drew this all out to see if it made sense and how to do it ….
Hopefully, I’m making sense here…
So here are 3 different clarifications of what I hope to do.
A. Stab at Overview explanation of possibilities
B. A couple diagrams


  1. Just need to play 6string guitar as usual with a consistent steady sound, ( 1/2 MG2 piano__presently working great.

  2. ALSO: Need the lower E string triggering a bass drum hit.

  3. PLUS: EAD strings = bassline


  1. the upper register Gbe strings triggering sustained orchestral or cello, supporting background movement.

  2. AND. Upper register Gbe triggering HiHat or such.

My playing style developed over decades does this already, but I need more dynamics in addition to that:

• bass,
• drums,
• orchestral supporting atmosphere

Then of course ultimately a singing chorus

This I intend to be recorded live or ultimately performed live

PLEASE NOTE: The pickup is a HEX I will appoint top 3 strings EAD___ & ___bottom 3 strings Gbe TO GO OUT LEFT AND RIGHT. In other words top 3 are the lower bass sound / bottom 3 > the higher treble sound.

Rather than 6 strings out 6 channels, JUST 2 sets out L & R

Of course would rather, just the onboard Taylor pickup go through interface and accomplish this digitally.________________________________________