Compatibility mac OSX 10.6.8


Been happily using MG2 on my windows machines for years but am wanting to make it work on my older mac running OSX 10.6.8.
The download says (10.14 and older)

“No workie”

Wonder if there is possibly an older version that would work?

"Check with developer to make sure midi guitar 2 works with this version of Mac OSX. (10.6.8) you may need to reinstall the application (done). Be sure to install any available updates for the application and mac OSX (when I try to update it says there are none.

I would really like to make it work as this laptop has a dedicated firewire port which works well with my maudio profires.

Hope there is help


Sorry… 10.7 is the first MacOSX version to be supported. 10.6 and older is very different and Apple made it increasingly difficult to support.

Oh dang! Like Maxwell smart: "missed it by ‘that much’ "