Converting electric Bass to Double Bass

I have had success with Midi guitar 2 and Swam sax, trumpet and flugelhorn along with the TEC breath controller using WIDIuhost on a iOS iPad as well as a MacBook with an Apollo twin. Now I am trying to play my electric bass into “MidiBass” and output it to Swam Double bass to convert my electric bass to double….this probably something really simple but despite seeing levels in MidiBass, transposing up 1 octave so the “keyboard” in the Swam program are visually triggering …,yet no sound is coming from the app,…I see no option to enable it from the Seam app. I would appreciate any suggestions! Charlie B (Sea Bee’s Studio, NL, Canada)

this isn’t really a solution but can you try triggering the swam bass with your guitar instead?

if that works, changing mg2 to mono mode and transposing down an octave may provide slightly faster tracking than your bass.

also, as you’ve already developed your technique for swam using your guitar, accuracy in triggering acoustic bass sounds would draw upon that experience.

Hard to tell with the information given, could be a lot of things…
Midi channels set correctly? Maybe the Expression control is still tied to the breath controller and gets no input?

Maybe the Expression control is still tied to the breath controller

i would have never thought of that one. you’re operating on a higher level.

@Charlieb once you get it working i would love to hear what an acoustic bass with breath control sounds like. especially with bowed strings.