DIARY of a MG3MAN - MG3b almost to powerful

win10x64 32GBR + GTX1070 +
this is just to document the RAW journey of not reading the instructions and getting right to it.


TEST 1 - Line in Ibanez RG 170 6 string Drop D

  1. *running the MG3b for the first time, need to wait until the VST scan options are ready because of the crash.
    **Default settings - on launch, it immediately starts making sounds…from the basic computer line level spike frequencies. Gate: 56 does the trick.

  2. Not detecting drop D (6 string Low E does works but is not METAL enough)

  3. Bends work. wow, waited years to play a David Gilmore riff. with all the bluesy bensy stuff without stuck notes

  4. FIRST EFFECT (LIVE setup with Mic + Classical guitar)
    click up/down arrow buttons is loading some ‘Deep Effect’ Presets. very cool.

  5. Note played on higher frets are increasingly LOUDER.

    • MDA Piano - low strings play louder than high strings (difficult to get even volume between pitch)
  6. Godin Line in - Piano actually works without all the glitches
    Miracles do happen.

had to stop practice because of the crying i was so happy
(wife was very surprised because she’s wanted me to do that for 25 years MG3 is now my new therapist)

  1. unfortunately had to sleep for a few hours awake again and will continue testing…

*(SOLVED) just keep running the VST scan (10+ x) eventually it worked!
**(SOLVED the issue was MOTU Input 2 MIC)
Input 1 Line | Input 2 MIC


  1. Signal Path - Why is the default mixer, 2?


  1. User Option: Mixer OFF Dim Color Range
  2. Legato Mode - 1ms increment option
  3. User Option: Mixer Color Choice
  1. ON/OFF for MASTER Delay / Reverb
  2. ON/OFF for any Mixer Effect
  3. Double Click Knobs to reset to Center
  4. Nested CHAINS - to clean up the UI (collapse the modules)
  5. “0” center PAN knobs (L -100, 0, R+100) + #6

…so far everything accessible is better than MG2

Currently, Instrument Sounds are not saved with the MG3 Patch.
When saving MG3 patch, Guitar Rig6 does not remember the patch inside it and has to be re-loaded. click “NO SOUND” Opens GR6

Guitar: Godin drop D
Even though E is the lowest trigger
…THIS setting triggers the open D string.(F*k yeah!)


we need a new diary entry. hopefully the tears (of joy) have continued to flow.

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