Does guitar pickup type (high-output, active, passive) have effect on tracking? [SOLVED]

Hi all, I’m loving MIDI guitar for driving synths so far. It’s working really well on my current 3/4 scale guitar “tester.” But, now I’m about to buy a full-fledged guitar to use it with and am trying to narrow down to the best specs of the guitar I’ll get. Some have high-output pickups, and that made me wonder:

Does the tracking of MG2 get affected at all by the output level of the pickup? I’m thinking it goes:

passive < Active < HI OUTPUT

in terms of “signal intensity” and that’s making me wonder if each higher output level would make MG2 track more sensitively or maybe even more accurately and clean?

In simplest words, I don’t want to buy a guitar that’s built around the idea of high-output pickups if those type of pickups will make MG2 need much more input Gate threshold to keep lots of extra notes from being played.

Or as a final consideration, maybe it would be ideal to have something with higher output to more easily cut through a higher threshold on the input Gate? (Is that how that works?) Or would it be more like, I should go for passive pickups because they’re less likely to articulate every single “accidental noise” while playing? (Is that even how THAT works? Not sure)

So if someone wants to enlighten me before I buy a new guitar in a few days, let me know! Plus, I’m just curious how our guitars’ pickups are affecting the tracking of MG2, since everyone always wants the best tracking possible and maybe a type of guitar pickup would help tighten it up even further?

higher output is not the thing that determines a good signal.
The amount of hum & noise can influence the tracking and the brightness.
A bright pickup with low hum is ideal in that regard. Active or passive is irrelevant, allthough a carefull designed low impedance pickup with active preamp theoretically will have lowest noise.
The hum will only disturb very weak guitarnotes: in 50hz powergrid countries the low G will get a little bit jumpy when you try to let that note sustain endlessly long.

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