Does sostenuto and soft pedal not work with most virtual instruments?

I have a sustain pedal which can be changed to send any midi cc, I’ve tried changing it to #66 and #67. They get recognized in the midi monitor but don’t seem to do anything when I send the messages to Keyscape for example. Am I missing something?

Hi @Mizmiz

What MG2 setup are you talking about? Standalone,or plugin? If standalone, I am sure you’ve chosen your pedal from the MIDI INTERFACE control slot, but did you check if Keyscape needs som assigning? I know I have to "activate " a few functions in my Ravenscroft to get them to work. I just checked, and MG2 certainly relay both CC64 and CC66 simultaneously to my Ravenscroft, when I have it as a plugin in the standalone version of MG2.

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MG2 track goes into Omnisphere track and my pedal on a separate track goes into Omnisphere as well. I know it gets recognized as cc #66 because I can use it to modulate any parameter with it. I think it just doesn’t work with Keyscape. Google doesn’t bring up a lot of results, sostenuto probably isn’t as useful for keyboards, but would be pretty useful playing with a guitar.

I don’t know about that. I think the sostenuto pedal is a powerful tool for partial sustain in pianos. It Is perfect for hinting or suggesting a root note to a harmonic center or something.

But as I understand it you are working in a DAW, and you are not trying to send the pedal MIDI via MIDI Guitar.?

Is there a difference if I send it from MG2?

MG2 has a builtin midimachine that does the sustaining. This means that if you use that machine, all synths will work correclty with your hold pedal (as long as you dont use bends)
Instead of forwarding the CC, the midimachine itself can sustains/hold the note.

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Tried it, same result, both cc #66 and #67 function as a normal sustain when I send the cc from MG2

My proposed solution only covers normal sustain pedal.
Send your pedals MIDI to MG2, and let the midimachine make the sustained notes. click on a free MIDI FX slot, choose SUSTAIN.
Then open the sustain fx and choose the method. The output midi then will work with any synth.
If you want the precise sostenuto effect (hold once, play normally on top of that), and your synth does not provide it itself, then you need a custom midi fx/midi machine (the naming in MG2 is not consistent).

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Well I do use the normal sustain pedal, I just put it through the BeatBars E&F2M Dual MIDI adapter which can set my pedal to output any CC. I get what you’re saying though

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