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Does the sync knob do anything when using MG2 stand alone?

Does the sync knob do anything when using MG2 stand alone?

I just assumed it was for using MG2 in a DAW but maybe It does something when using MG2 stand alone???

it delays the guitarchannel. If you turn it to the right it will add latency so that the guitarsound will sync better with the synth sound. It works both in plugin and strandalone. It works fine if you want to improve the sound of a rhtythmic part that uses both guitar and synth sound.

Thanks, I’ll have to use that sometimes. I didn’t know it did that.

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I understand what you wrote but I don’t know if it can adjust the latency of the guitar signal to be longer than the synth.
Does it depend on the synth?
Does it relate only to the latency of the interface as maximum amount?

I guess a less confusing question is: How is the maximum of the latency for the sync control determined and can it actually be longer than the latency of a synth?

The max delay that is added to the gutiarchannel by the sync knob is about 20 mS, if I remember correctly. it hasnt got anythign to do with buffersizes from the interface, it just delays the guitarchannel, ranging from 0mS to 20mS.

As Paul explains, it’s a basic ‘standalone’ delay that avoids hogging an Amp/FX slot to delay and sync the guitar sound with a resource-hungry or badly coded synth.

it has nothing to do with the synth actually: there is allways a latency caused by the pitch to midi conversion, this varies from 20ms to 40ms. the sync knob just delays the guitar channel signal so that the difference in timing between the midi latency and the normal guitar sound can be made smaller.

Thanks. It looks like I must have “fiddled” with the sync knob before as it is at full for some slower boggy synths / presets.
I usually think of 20ms as about 22 feet away so that can definitely cause some audible timing differences.
The control definitely helps.

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