Dropouts under Reaper

I am having an issue with dropouts that I traced back to the Midi Guitar vst. I am running reaper under windows 10. I use this software live and can’t go above 256 on the buffer size. The PC is has a solid-state drive and a 7th gen i7 processor. Seems to spike the processor when the notes change too fast causing the glitches.
When I connect a midi keyboard to the same synth I have no issues.

Maybe you are loading synths within the MG vst?

Not currently, but I might try if that helps with the glitches. Right now I route the midi to a track that host the synth.

routing the midi to another track is generally the best method. DAW’s have loadbalancing, meaning that different tracks can use different CPU cores, yielding in better CPU load characteristics.
Is the overload related to which synth you load in that other track? e.g. if you load a small synth there, does it also overload?

That makes sense. It doesn’t seem to be effected by which synth I use.

I muted the channel for the synth that MG is routed to, to see if the issue was in the synth audio stream, but the pops are still there. They seem to happen the most on the decay of the notes. Something related to the noise gate?

So just to see what would happen, I put the vst synth in MG as host. Now the problem is gone.
Thanks for your speedy responses.

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