EDIT: VST trial version is on jamorigin.com/download!

Hey all

I’d like to demo the VST version of this in my DAW so I can see how much RAM, CPU, etc it’s going to need (I plan to use this for live work). I’m on Windows 7, and would need a 32 bit version. Is there a VST demo available?


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I have the same question. I am seriously considering to buy the product. But it all depends on how well the routing will work on my DAW. It there a way to obtain a trial VST version?

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Why not answering it for all ? I have the same question. I want to test midi guitar but i can not find vst in Ableton… How to test this app with vst plugin ?

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Would it be possible to PM me that link too please.

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Hello Paul,
Can I get a VST trial to? Cheers

i would like to try the vst before buying it. I need to see if it work for my live project.
I’m on window 10 64bit.