Feature request for the Looper module

Okay, here’s a feature that I would absolutely love. I’ve just started playing with the Looper module and I suspect I still have things to learn, but this seems like a simple initial implementation and it does not look like it currently supports overdubs–all looped content seems to be replaced whenever the Record button is activated.

So, if it’s possible to enhance the MG3 Looper to support overdubs, here is what I would really like to see: overdub decay, wherein as new overdubs are added, existing layers drop in playback volume and eventually disappear entirely, allowing for an ever-evolving stack of loop layers.

A few hardware looper pedals have this feature (e.g., TC Ditto X4, Pigtronix Infinity 2, EHX Canyon’s Looper mode), and at least the Quantiloop looper app for iOS has it as well. It’s an amazing tool for creating evolving soundscapes and it would be an awesome feature to have in a MIDI note looper. (I don’t know how many of us actually use overdub decay like this, but those of us who do are pretty enthusiastic about it!)


i second the need for an overdub decay option.