Feature request - this can ALMOST do electric cello

Just saying, if you were able to go down to C2 in polyphonic mode and string 2 could be tuned to E4 (or have the tuning so you could just select “none” to skip a string), this would work as well on my 5-string electric cello as my guitar. It would definitely work on the 4-string cello if you had the drop C. Bowing works surprisingly well considering the guitar isn’t a bowed instrument, and pizz is great. MIDI Bass just seems a bit wonkier in terms of accuracy than MIDI Guitar, even on my bass guitar. Plus, I’m doing way more with my iPad these days than the laptop. This is an amazing piece of kit you’ve got here. I worked on an audio to MIDI hardware solution back in college some 25+ years ago and we abandoned it due to the cost and technical difficulties. This stuff is NOT easy. Awesome job!


nice to hear from you!
If you switch to monophonic, it will go down to cello low C per default (the tuning settings dont apply to monophonic mode).
More range is on our todo list.

I saw that in the documentation, but still couldn’t get it to go below D2 on the iPad. Just bought the full desktop version so I’ll see if it works there. Again, amazing work!

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