Flip Midi Machine script

A short test of Flip script, written by Paul Driessen, that mirrors notes round a tone center:

FLIP-Midi Machine

You can download the script from this post: Flip


How exiting! As with so much awesome stuff in here, that one has passed me by too. Up til now, that is! Thanks for the heads up, and a great video too! :+1:

Thanks for the inspiration @Herold. I definitely wouldn’t have been looking into the Flip script, were it not for your post here! :pray::pray::pray:

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I was sure this script would tickle your fancy.
It’s a pleasure to listen to you explore new avenues.

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Yeah, it is sure right up my alley! Some part unpredictable, if you don’t locate where the tonal center has been moved to and systematically work everything out from there, and then have that turned on its head. So I get to play both upside down and backwards from an unknown! Perfect. I love it. Hope everybody else doesn’t get intimidated by this description now! :laughing: Thanks again!

Does That script automatically create negative harmony?

Well, the term Negative Harmony hasn’t really caught on since Ernst Levy, perhaps with the exception of the way-too-fast-explanations of one Jacob Collier’s. But here you have the option of placing the point (or axis) of inversion at a position of your choosing. It starts on center= 64, which is our E4 (G-string, 9th fret) Moving the “centre” knob moves the placement of the inversion-axis by equally as many halfnotes either up or down. The transpose knob now transposes the output either up or down by whatever number of half steps you turn the knob to. If you were to take TWO piano plugins, and have them receive data from TWO instances of MIDI Guitar, one with and one without the flip script, you are in for some exiting results. :grimacing: :roll_eyes:

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Tnx Herold and nice work Thorleif! You proof here that a modern jazz/classical ensemble doesn’t need to cost that much: grab those gigs! :wink:
My advice for novices to get a bit into negative harmony is to mix the guitarsound with the flipped midi sound.
E.g: Choose e (52) as a center for starters.
Now if you play a B on the 6th string (4th below), an a will appear (4th above).
But if you an A, a B will come out! Dominant and subdominant are switched. This is just the first funny thing that happens. if you scan further and visualise the notes that are generated, you will learn new harmonies for sure.
Diminished and whole tone apreggios/scales are symmetric and provide predictable sound. None-symmetric scales will allways add extra complications.


Thanx for all your wonderful additions to everything about this app. I use these scripts all the time, and it seems I find ”new” ones all the times too. I was sort or hoping that you would show up and give some tips on how to use this ’flip’ script. I tend to stray off the beaten path when I get inspired, and then there isn’t much in way of instructional value left perhaps?:grinning::pray::+1:

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@Paul glad to see you here again :slight_smile: and thank you for your advices, I will have a look and make some experiments.

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