Glitching while recording in FL Studio in Windows

Hello, new MG2 user here. I’m having problems recording my playing in FL studio 20 on Windows 10. When I play while not recording the lag is bearable, not many notes missed. However as soon as I hit record the performance is all over the map. Missed notes, ghost notes, etc. It’s to the point that it wouldn’t even be worth it to fix the recording-it’d just be easier to go back and draw it by hand. Tried it at 128 and 256 sample rate. Any thoughts?

128 and 256 are buffersizes, not samplerates. Larger buffersizes give lower CPU load.
Have you followed all instructions on ?

Sorry, that’s what I meant. Yeah, I followed those instructions to a T.

I have no idea what causes the problem.
I suggest to narrow down the cause of this:

  1. close the MG window
  2. monitor the CPU usage in FL.
  3. try without other tracks running.