Guitar input way too hot

IMac running 10.13.6 with MOTU 828ES audio interface. Every synth patch in Omnisphere, Hexeract, etc. is so distorted to be worthless. No gain adjustments that I could find improved the sound, even when. used as Plugin for Reaper. the 20dB pad on the mic/guitar input is too low to trigger the synths, and every other gain control lowers output but does not eliminate the distortion. I hope there’s a fix for this.

I guess your MIDI notes are all of max velocity then? Assuming this is the case, check MGs Velocity settings (the three small knobs) and otherwise lower your guitar input gain and the noise gate.

Looks like there might have been a thunderbolt adapter at fault. reconnected to the TB Dock and all is normal now. The only thing is the difference between the power of larger strings is so much more than the higher ones that a single “gain” doesn’t work very well for many synth patches. Even at moderate level I find the same problem reported by others, that even release of a string triggers numerous other note ons. That gets messy quickly.
A better gain control would be closer to a three band EQ-like thingy, or even better, the option to draw a slope or a curve. Also, I find many patches that although tracking is very good, every 2nd or 3rd note does not trigger correctly. I have found this also on my Roli Seaboard Grand for some patches in the old Equator. Equator 2 seems to do much better in that regard.Thanks for the attention.