Guitar to midi to tablature

Would be nice to have music notation and tablature from your guitar!


We’ve been working on a complete auto-scoring solution for 3 years now… but at this time i cant disclose anything about it or promise anything.

We feel that using existing tools is not ideal… its possible to record a MIDI with a DAW, save it to a MIDI file and then import that into your notation software. Importing a full MIDI file will give better results than live streaming MIDI into notation. But its tedius and many tools for layouting and correcting notation/tabs are kind of non-existent or not up to modern standards. So, hopefully we can change this in the future.

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Here’s an interesting test conducted by the one and only Surf.Whammy in PreSonus’ Notion forum using MG2 and Notion 6.

Surf.Whammy MG2->N6 test

Hope you find it useful, or at least interesting.

Would it work simply using your software to convert the guitar to midi then use a 3rd party notation software like Sibelius??

generally: dont hope to do live recording, especially with Sibelius, which makes a terrbile mess on screen because out of the send extra midi data, and offers no options to filter them out.
Remember: MG doesnt scan which string is played: you get a piano score at best, not tabs.
If this limitation ok with you, then record the midi in a DAW, quantise and clean it up there, then export the clean midi to a scoring app.