Headless Guitar advantage

I’m already familiar with these accessories (I’ve been playing headlesse guitars for about thirty years).
Thanks for pointing this out, it may be useful for other people.
I’ve never tried to modify the guitars because the double balls increase the robustness of the string and I’ve got used to playing with 10-46.

it looks like headlessusa has labella s838 and stp838 six-packs in stock. i’ve purchased parts from them before without issue.

@Shyamus i thought the spirit was discontinued. thanks for pointing it out, buying a new one might cost about exactly as much as getting the frets redone on my 25+ year old hohner g3t.

i’m starting to be curious about piezo vs magnetic. on my ibanez neck-through, which has both, i’ll record each output separately, each driving an instance of mg2 and look for differences.

even further off-subject, i wonder how mg2 would operate with a guitar with true temperament.

Thank you for this link and these strings gauges that I did not know.
But nothing between 1046 and 1150…

Steinberger Spirit have been relaunched since some years and are not expensive.
I paid 360€ for my GT-PRO Deluxe .
But the Hohner G3T is of better quality, especially the pickups, which are quite disappointing on the Spirit. I find the Hohner EMGs much more precise and powerful.