Helix, Variax and Midi Guitar hook up

Hi All,

I’ve a Variax guitar connected via Line 6’s proprietary cable into a Helix floor
I really want to play the synths saved on my iPad and am thinking to use an Apogee Jam
Connection would be out of the jack socket on the Variax with a conventional guitar cable running along side the Variax cable, into a volume pedal then going out of the Jam into the iPad, using Midi Guitar then being fed out from the iPad into returns 1 & 2 on the Helix via a 3.5 to 2 x standard jacks … (phew! :sweat_smile:)

Any one tried this, or can advise of an alternative way to use the iPad please?

I’ve got a separate synth set up too with a Strat converted with a Roland pick up into a GR-55
I have been using this quite successfully, but I’m trying to get ‘gear lite’ when I travel to gigs and the iPad with Midi Guitar looks ideal

Appreciate any suggestions, opinions or general comments

Many thanks


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You can use your iOS device running MIDI Guitar 2 on the Helix’s USB port via an Apple CCK.

Helix and Jam Origin MIDI Guitar Part 1 - Introduction

Don’t overcomplicate it :slight_smile:

If you do go down the Variax ethernet cable and a 1/4 jack alongside, make sure you remove the battery pack from the varian. They have been known to fry when both power sources are connected at once!

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