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Help with getting Midiguitar2 running in Mainstage 3

Hi all, could someone explain to me how to get MidiGuitar2 running in Mainstage 3? I can run it in standalone mode just fine but can’t get it to work in Mainstage.
A step by step answer would be great. The video that was posted on how to do this is useless to me as I am blind and their is no talking throughout the video.
I have tried the following.
Load mainstage and choose the default setting, and add a new patch and audio channel strip. At this point I can hear my guitar’s output.
I insert MG2 on the newly created channel strip and get nothing.
Do I need to create a new instrument channel strip, insert the syynth of my choosing and some how rout MG2’s output to that second channel strip that was created?
I know I can load my plugins from within MG itself but to keep it short that is not an option as the actual software’s interface doesn’t work with my screen reading program.
Thanks for any help.

Hi Blake!
Welcome to the forum! This is probably the best place to get info on MIDI Guitar 2, whatever the setup. But lets start with Mainstage basics. If you don’t open synths or virtual instruments inside of MIDI Guitar 2, the way to go is:

  1. Open MIDI Guitar 2 as an FX on an AUDIO Track
  2. Open your synth on a SOFTWARE Instrument track
    I’m not sure if this will be enough, but let’s start here.