Hosting Midi Guitar in Reason 10 [SOLVED]

I noticed this comment on Jam Origin’s instructions page:-

“From Reason 9.5 on, VST plugins are supported, but the midi output from a VST is still not routed in Reason 10”.

If possible could someone explain (to a dummy with regards to MIDI) what this means and what I will and will not be able to do with Midi Guitar in terms of integrating it with Reason 10.

Thanks in advance.

you can load MG on an audiotrack in Reason, and you can load external synths in it ( all synths that are available also in our standalone version ). But the synths that are internal to Reason are not available that way.
Other DAW’s “listen” to the midi coming out of MG and can feed it to their internal synths on other tracks.
Also note that loading big synths inside our plugin is not recommended. so that makes Reason having a double handicap with our plugin.

Paul, Thank you very much for your detailed and fast response.

I guess this makes any decision to use Reason as my DAW has just been diminished.

Thanks again…

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