How to assign a midi pedal for preset change

Hi Guys
I just bought an Airturn BT200. It’s basically a bluetooth midi pedal. I am trying to assign two of the buttons to cycle through the patches back and forth, like I can do by default with my Boss SY300 (overkill). As my midi knowledge is very limited, does anyone know what kind of midi setting I would need to input to tell it to cycle through the patches? I have tried CC’s and program change, and these work to assign buttons to dials in the app, but not turn pages. It also has access to MPRN, but this is beyond my knowledge, but perhaps is the key?
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Set your controller in MIDI Mode and set switches to program change inc/dec.
Select your pedal in the MG interface/Control window.
It should works fine, increasing and decreasing patches numbers.

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