How to Install Plugins

I’m trying to load plugins to the standalone version. When I scan, it scans everything… I have tons of plugins and I don’t need or want the entire WAVES collection to be scanned and attempted to import.

So I made a seperate folder and copied just a few plugins and then chose it as the folder for MG2 to scan… no such luck. It again scans the default folder and takes forever to finish and tons and tons of dialog windows open up asking to connect etc… it’s a really big mess.

So, how to I tell MG2 what folder to scan and NO other folder should be scanned? I thought there might be some official documentation, but there’s seems to be none.

Please help.


The default folders are allways scanned. We’ll ll see if we can make that free in the next version.

Hi csborgman.
I’m having some trouble getting my Waves plugings to load. Either in 32 or 64. It only accepts some useless stuff but not the real Waves plugins. i have tons and I’d like to use the GTR amps and cabs, and stomps.
Do you have any pointers? Links I can read?
I put the Waves folders in for scans and it complains and waits 30 seconds for one of them.
They are license. All good. i use them in other programs all the time.

Waves plugins are installed in a very complicated way, they use a none standard system to prevent copying and stuff.
Our app uses the standard JUCE code library for recognising and loading plugins, so we do not really know what goes wrong there. We’ll keep an eye on it with the next release, but for now we can not fix it.
Blue Cat Audio makes plugin wrappers, that might fix the problem, it also makes a multi fx out of one of our fx slots.