How use midi notes converted

how to put the midi notes converted into a midi track? i am using cakewalk by bandlab

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Hello, welcome here.
I do not use cakewalk but did you have a look at this ?
Maybe it may help you.

Getting started with MIDI Guitar in your DAW

Thank you Harlod, I appreciate your time, interest and comment, what you did me the favor of sharing, I do it and it works well, maybe I do not explain it well, I hope to describe it better like this: I put MG2, and an audio track with the guitar prerecorded, I assign it a vst plugin and it plays without problem on the instrument in the plugin I want and choose. However, what I need, is to know how those notes that were converted and played in the plugin, I can put them on a midi track and thus be able to really visualize them as midi notes and with that, on the piano roll, make any adjustments to the performance or correct an error that is made when recording the audio, but already directly in the representation of the audio as midi notes within the piano roll. I hope I have been more specific.

Thank you very much for the support you gave me and the support you can provide.

Well, as said before I do not know how cakewalk is working.
I use Reaper and maybe you can adapt to cakewalk:

I create 2 tracks.

I put my audio file in track n°1 with MG2 as a fx and in the routing I send it to track n°2

In track n°2 I select as input : No input and in output: midi recording and I arm the track to record.

Therefore, when starting recording, the audio signal from track 1 is converted in midi through MG2 plugin and sent to track 2 which receives and records midi notes.

I hope this will help to understand the signal flow.

Greetings and welcome to the forum.

Cakewalk by BandLab, or CbB for short, uses Melodyne and the ARA communication protocol built into both Melodyne and Cakewalk by BandLab to convert audio to midi.

If you do not have Melodyne, no problem. Use the BandLab Assistant to download and install the specific to Cakewalk Melodyne trial version. The trial version that is specific to Cakewalk differs from the trial version available from Celemony’s website. At the end of the thirty day period, the Cakewalk specific Melodyne trial continues to provide audio to midi conversion of a monophonic audio file.

I’ve quoted below from page 999 of the Cakewalk Reference Guide. The quote offers instructions for converting audio to midi. I’ve also provided a link to the Cakewalk Reference Guide.

Blockquote To convert audio to MIDI do one of the following:
Simply drag the Melodyne Region FX clip to a MIDI or Instrument track.
Select the Melodyne Region FX clip, then select Region FX > Melodyne > Copy MIDI Events on the Track view menu. You can then paste the data to a MIDI or instrument track.
Right-click the Melodyne Region FX clip and select Region FX > Melodyne > Copy MIDI Events on the pop-up menu. You can then paste the data to a MIDI or instrument track.
Drag an audio file from the Browser and drop it on a MIDI or Instrument track.
Drag an audio clip to a MIDI or Instrument track.
Tip: For the best results when converting audio to MIDI, first convert the audio to a Melodyne Region FX, then use the Melodyne interface to precisely identify the desired notes/beats. You can then drag the Melodyne Region FX clip to a MIDI or Instrument track and get predictable results.

Cakewalk Reference Guide

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Hy Harold, Good Day, Exactly, in Cakewalk I do the same, but on track 2 (midi track) I put a vst instrument on it and then it converts the audio to midi and generates the sound of the vst, but in this track 2, there is no Midi conversion, however, at this moment it occurs to me that if I don’t put a vst, as an output on track2, then MG2 assume to create the midi notes on this track2 as output. I will try it and comment on what the result was. thanks Harold.

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Hello fogle622, good day, thank you for your comment, answer and the information you provide me to answer my question, including the detail of the reference guide page, how nice.
Indeed I have tested with melodine 4 and 5 and version 5 does a little better job for the conversion to midi than version 4, however, like MG2, it processes the audio notes in real time and does it with a very good accuracy, I have the impression that the conversion to midi, using MG2 could be more precise when dealing with polyphony such as chords or arpeggios.
Also in CbB I have tried pointing to a clip or track and dragging it to a midi track, it does the conversion.
When I have used melodyne 4, to convert a mono audio track, and there are chords or arpeggios some notes are lost.
And when I use MG2 and link it to a midi track with a vst as output, it is not noticeable if there is loss of notes or not, hence my interest in knowing how to do this test. As I mentioned to Harold, I am going to do a test without putting a vst on the midi track.

Thank you very much for your support. Regards

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Hi Harold, good day, as I mentioned, I already did the test without putting a vst on the midi track (cakewalk) and there are no midi notes on that track2, therefore I couldn’t see them on the piano roll.

I also installed the reaper and put on track 1 a .wav with the recording of a guitar and MG2 and I routed it to track 2, there I put a brass vst and everything sounded like brass, but the midi notes were not put on track2, so I couldn’t see those midi notes on reaper’s piano roll.

I don’t know if you could show me a video with the steps of how you get the midi notes in reaper. and thus edit or save that track2 as midi. I can’t do it, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you very much in advance for your support. Regards

I wanted to send you a ready for use reaper file but it can’t be upload here.
But you should manage to do it with these images.
If you load a file in track 1, do not forget to unarm the track recording button

Cakewalk by BandLab
Audio Track: Drag pre recorded audio to a MIDI track, it will convert audio to MIDI data (notes).

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Hi, Harol, good day, I was very busy and I did not have time to review this and do tests, until today I already have some time, Thank you again for taking the time and work to send me the images with the steps to follow, tomorrow I will do the test and make the corresponding comments.

Infinite thanks for the support and contributions, Greetings

Hello sadicus, thanks for your comment, I already tried that part and if it does indeed convert the audio into midi, however like MG2, it executes this process in real time and does it following the audio quite well and this is how it is perceived in the VST that you assign to the converted midi notes, and for that reason I have thought that it would be very likely that MG2 will perform a better conversion of the audio. I do not want a VST to be directly triggered and for that reason I am looking to obtain the midi track with the notes produced by MG2. Thus be able to compare it with the result that you mention and with the conversion made by melodyne 5, and verify which one performs it more accurately, therefore make fewer corrections to the resulting midi track.

Thank you very much for your comment and support, Greetings

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I thought in one of the beta versions you could watch the audio signal in real time.
MG2 Interface has a MIDI out can that be sent to the DAW record MIDI track?
Look forward to your discoveries.

I’m really Impressed with MG2 and look forward to the User Feature Requests.

You might look up Burr Jonhson he has worked with Guitar to MIDI with many different hardware including Axon, and Fishman Triple Play.
It would be great for JamPlay to get him to compare because his tracking is always so accurate.

Hello sadicus, good day, precisely what you ask (MG2 Interface has a MIDI out can that be sent to the DAW record MIDI track?) Is what I am looking to do, since I do not want it to use it in real time, I previously recorded the guitar in audio. MG2, takes the audio from the guitar either live or through a track and converts it into midi notes, which are fed directly to the VST instrument that one wants, I want the midis notes to be recorded in my DAW, for later in the studio, try different VSTs, but already using the midi track directly, and not overload my computer with as many instances of MG2 as I want guitars in my production.

I already saw the Fishman Triple Play controller, and well as it is via hardware, your response is immediate, however MG2, from my point of view even being pure software has a very good response, I know that there are some points to improve, but with any guitar track using MG2 I can trigger any VST instrument, and the Fishman I see it more for live performances or to record the audio of the chosen instrument.

Although I still can’t do it, I’ll keep searching and testing.


This is awesome, thank you Herold!

Ensure “midi out” is selected on the MG2 plugin. Then also “Configure as a synth” is selected in plugin properties.
Then, create a midi track, input would be MG2 omni, output will be whatever synth u like or nothing.
enable record and input echo for both the audio track with MG2 in the FX bin and for the Midi track.

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