I am extremely upset with Tascam

The most worthless piece of junk I ever purchased is the Tascam 2x2.
I ONLY purchased it for a stand a alone interface for live use with Midi Guitar.
They are always updating the crap they cannot get to work.
Tonight I spent 3 hours trying to get it to work after one of their SPECIAL things happened after power up.
I did get it to peep and then it died again.
I don’t know what they are doing either.
Maybe they like to play I Don’t Know or some similar faction of reality.
Too bad that MG is so good and the “High Quality” interfaces are sooooo bad.
Any advice on what to replace it with would be appreciated.
Unfortunately I already have a transport case for the whole works I designed and constructed specifically for the MG laptop and Tascam with spaces for cables etc.
I am EXTREMELY upset with Tascam.

That sucks. Lets try to collect some thoughts from other people here:

My Tascam US-16x08 is collecting dust in the closet. Too many issues with their Win10 drivers. From, supposedly, an in-house development team. Sad.

At least the 16x08 defaults to 8 mic pres (XLR in to LINE OUT) when not connected via USB, so there’s some hope for future use.

Went back to my PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL, and just replaced it with a PreSonus Studio 1810c.

Tascam hardware has generally been very good. At the management level, I don’t think they ‘get’ software.

I got the URMarkII Interface (no longer for sale from Steinberg but can pick up used probably) from Steinberg and have no problems! Solid including any latency. I don’t have to adjust a thing in the DAW. Sorry to hear about the Tascam. I do have the new Tascam 12 digital mixer/recorder and it’s excellent. So that’s worth taking a look at. Hopefully you get what you want and get it all going forward for you?

I’m using the stand alone version of MG with the Tascam 2x2 for portable and live use…
I did finally after 4 hours of trying to get the tascam to work again but for no apparent reason.The tracking/latency seems a bit better but there is still much hiss as usual.
Is this normally a problem with using the stand alone MG with an interface?
I have two 8in/8out PResonus Firebirds in the studio and they do not hiss.
The hiss persists even if I turn down the master gain of MG.when using the Tascam 2x2.
Oh yes I just remembered. They only update the drivers for the 4x4 so maybe there’s a problem there.
I have no idea.

I forgot I turned down the input level on the Tascam becuase it was red-lining badly when the problem was happening.
I just tried it again and there is much less hiss because I was originally cranking the ouput tof the Tascam when the problem was happening because it was red-lining the input even though the input levels were normal with no output.
So far so good but still some latency.

Now the strangest thing is happening.
Even with nothing plugged into ANY input of the Tascam 2x2 it starts making static clicking noises.
I have to assume it is susceptible to extranous things like cell phones. Maybe the sheiding is wrong for the Tascam star ground circuitry
I am assuming at this time it has an inherently bad grounding scheme but that may be the usb and the audio connection to the computer.

I think it could be the local FM transmitters used for the Covid or other transmitters not adhering to FCC regulations.
If nyone has any idea let me know.
I have no idea.

I’ve ahd it with this mess.
I will contact Tascam directly tomorrow and not talk to the guy they put there to say everything is perfect.

It was just the add on I was using that was doing the intermittent noises.
I changed to a different midi instrument and it did not do it.
But who knows?
I have no idea.

The MOTU M2 is class compliant and has rock solid Windows drivers. About the same price and a similar size too.


I got it working and it seems to be stable now.
It’s definitely some software doing updates.
I don’t think it’s the Tascam updates as therehasn’t been any lately but there was a Windows 10 update right before.I noticed the problem.
Could be Windows 10. They blanked the whole thing black after last updtae. I had to frce it off and when it came back on it undid all changes.
Either that or I have some Malware.
I’ll settle for now and keep an eye on the Windows 10 updates.
I already designed the road case for the tascam and it’s real nice and tight so I’d like to keep it this way.
I read there’s been several problems with Windows 10 updates. That’s exaclty why I never wanted it. Reminds me of the sp1, sp2 and sp3 major updates for Win XP. By the time the OS was completely stable they put out Win Vista which was really bad.
Too bad that quality suffers for other things.
Thanks to everyone for the help.
I just wasn’t sure until I saw the Windows 10 update roll itself back after forcing it off.

Did you check your DPC Latency?

Have a look at this guide - at least about " Update mechanisms". It talks about an other software but the optimization applies to every software and PC for use on live performance:

How to optimize your PC for the Stage