I can't get MG2 to stay set on 128 buffers

If I set MG2 to use 128 buffers in the interface settings it stays fine that way until I exit and run MG2 again and then it automatically shows up as 256 in the interface settings.

How do I make MG2 keep the interface buffer setting at 128?

Mac or Windows? Which audio interface? Using its ASIO driver?

I use a PreSonus 1810c and installed their Universal Control app and the 1810c ASIO driver.

It may be that MG2 is seeing a buffer setting of 256 set of by an app like UC and is defaulting to that when it starts.

I’m not sure yet. I contacted Presonus and as usual I’m going through the procedures of back and forth as much as possible.
I replied and asked if the Tech has or knows any one at Presonus that has used MG2.
This would be much more helpful than a tech at Presonus who has no knowledge of MG2 so I’m waiting for a reply from them at this time.
I’ll let you know asap.
If I do what he/she said aforementioned the next question will be: “What version of the software did you uninstall and reload?” Then there will be more time wasting as usual.
I want a knowledgable tech from Presonus this time.
Hopefully they have one.

The people from or at or somewhere at Presonus did not add anything to remedy, just the usual crap so I sent this to them:

It is too bad you you do not have the oportunity to test out the FREE Midi Giutar 2 demo software so your interface will have no problems.
You could download the FREE Midi Guitar 2 software demo so you would know more about the problems your companies interface could have with the software aforementioned.
Let me know if you can test the FREE Midi Guitar 2 trial download with your interface.
I do not want to waste my time doing the same thing over if it is not useful.
Try helping me.

Technical Support Yesterday at 11:39

Unfortunately we are unable to do this. PLease test and get back to me on your results!



Technical Support Agent

what a useless bunch of uselessness

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This is EXACTLY why I will never buy another Nektar Tech product again. I bought a Panorama P6 MIDI keyboard controller. Loved the hardware, but the software was buggy. Nektar chose to use a proprietary interface protocol. The sysex file for the protocol and Studio One support didn’t work for phooey. I even debugged it for their tech support and provided them with the specific line number in the sysex file where it borked and the steps to reproduce the errors.

All I got back from them was “it works fine with our test suite.”

My response?

I landfilled the P6 and bought an NI S61 MK2. Love it.