I can't get MG2 to stay set on 128 buffers

If I set MG2 to use 128 buffers in the interface settings it stays fine that way until I exit and run MG2 again and then it automatically shows up as 256 in the interface settings.

How do I make MG2 keep the interface buffer setting at 128?

Mac or Windows? Which audio interface? Using its ASIO driver?

I use a PreSonus 1810c and installed their Universal Control app and the 1810c ASIO driver.

It may be that MG2 is seeing a buffer setting of 256 set of by an app like UC and is defaulting to that when it starts.

I’m not sure yet. I contacted Presonus and as usual I’m going through the procedures of back and forth as much as possible.
I replied and asked if the Tech has or knows any one at Presonus that has used MG2.
This would be much more helpful than a tech at Presonus who has no knowledge of MG2 so I’m waiting for a reply from them at this time.
I’ll let you know asap.
If I do what he/she said aforementioned the next question will be: “What version of the software did you uninstall and reload?” Then there will be more time wasting as usual.
I want a knowledgable tech from Presonus this time.
Hopefully they have one.

The people from or at or somewhere at Presonus did not add anything to remedy, just the usual crap so I sent this to them:

It is too bad you you do not have the oportunity to test out the FREE Midi Giutar 2 demo software so your interface will have no problems.
You could download the FREE Midi Guitar 2 software demo so you would know more about the problems your companies interface could have with the software aforementioned.
Let me know if you can test the FREE Midi Guitar 2 trial download with your interface.
I do not want to waste my time doing the same thing over if it is not useful.
Try helping me.

Technical Support Yesterday at 11:39

Unfortunately we are unable to do this. PLease test and get back to me on your results!



Technical Support Agent

what a useless bunch of uselessness

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This is EXACTLY why I will never buy another Nektar Tech product again. I bought a Panorama P6 MIDI keyboard controller. Loved the hardware, but the software was buggy. Nektar chose to use a proprietary interface protocol. The sysex file for the protocol and Studio One support didn’t work for phooey. I even debugged it for their tech support and provided them with the specific line number in the sysex file where it borked and the steps to reproduce the errors.

All I got back from them was “it works fine with our test suite.”

My response?

I landfilled the P6 and bought an NI S61 MK2. Love it.

I forgot. No one knows exactly what other hardware people will do so how could one predict it?
Makes sense now.

Is there a way to state the start up settings for latency in the “MIDI GUITAR.SETTINGS” file?
I don’t see any mention for audio except for 44.1 khz.

It looks like this… it should be possible to add the latency manually in this file. You obviously need to use the exact name of your audio device, not “XTONE”, and “ASIO” on windows, rather than “CoreAudio” which is for Mac.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <VALUE name="patch" val="Test Piano"/>
  <VALUE name="audiosystem">
    <DEVICESETUP deviceType="CoreAudio" audioOutputDeviceName="XTONE" audioInputDeviceName="XTONE"
                 audioDeviceRate="44100" audioDeviceBufferSize="128"/>

I looked in the midi bass guitar settings file and the same line was in there without the audiodevicebuffersize part so I added that and copied it to the midiguitar.settings file and after running MG2 the midiguitar.settings file is changed to barebones without any of the new lines I just added.
Is it possible it’s loading/referencing a different file with the same name (midi guitar.settings)from some other directory and then saving it to the directory I found the midiguitar.setting file in?

I tried again. This time I edited both the midi bass guitar.settings and the midi guitar.settings to have the 128 bit rate and when I ran MG2 it was set on 128 bit.
I didn’t change any settings.
Great! It worked.

Then I thought I should check the settings file while MG2 was still running.
I looked in the midi guitar.settings file and it was back to bare bones again without any of the device settings lines.
So for some reason MG2 is setting the midi guitar.settings file back to bare bones when it is first opened.
Is there another backup or default file It gets it’s info from and copies it to the midi guitar.settings file when it’s started?
I don’t know why it’s changing the midi guitar.settings file even when I don’t change any of the interface settings in MG2.

I believe the core of this problem is that MG2 crash when you close it down.
That will cause MG2 to be wary that something went wrong (usually with the audio interface or some malfunctioning plugin). This will make MG reset its settings to avoid crashing again or perhaps not even opening next time). So it resets to 256 buffersize and the default audio driver.

Im your case it sound very much like some problem with the audio driver that won’t let MG close it, or a compatibility issue of some sort.

It ran MG2 with the new settings file and had the correct settings but I looked in the settings file when MG2 was STILL running and the settings were put back to bare bones.
So I don’t see how it would be exiting the MG2 as MG2 used the new settings but immediately changed the settings file upon opening MG2, not closing MG2.

One more thing. I noticed MG2 License info comes up after I change the settings file